About Us


Real Estate Syndication:

We invest in income producing properties using LLC or limited partnerships for multi-Family projects as well as some other commercial real estate projects. For these partnerships we partner with private investors (people just like you) who want to make rates of returns from 6% to 20% a year. More 


Operating & Managment Co.

 Gem Rentals LLC is our real estate investment company. We are a developer of Mobile Home Parks. We buy houses and keep them as rentals or sell them and carry the notes. 


James E. Glasgow Sr.


 Jim has 34+ years of real estate investing experience in both residential and commercial real estate. Experience in property management, construction, property development and turnarounds. 

Author of How I Made Millions in Real Estate and How You Can Too! and other real estate books.

Put his vast inexperience in real estate investing to work for you.