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You can invest in new Mobile Home Park developments.

Mobile home park

You can invest in real estate development projects

We syndicate and develop new Mobile Home Parks (MHP) and rental warehouse business parks in Texas.


An Opportunity to make great returns and help create more affordable housing too!

Because the real estate investing market place has changed, Mobile Home Parks are once again an attractive investment opportunity

You can participate in our Mobile Home Park Development or Warehouse Business Parks as an passive equity investor. 

This boring Real Estate investing space is producing  double digit returns

 #1: New development of a Senior Living Mobile Home Park. Read More  

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Earn double Digit Returns! Investing in Mobile Home Parks


Today the numbers work. Earn 14% plus

I have invested in a lot of real estate over the years and every now and again the real estate forces converge to create a super good investment opportunity. In the 1980’s and 1990’s that was mini storage, in the 2000’s that was apartments. Yes! they are still good investments, but the big wins have subsided as everyone jumps in those markets. Today the unmet demand is in Mobile Home Parks. 

  • MHP Power Point Presentation Click Here
  • You can invest capital gains funds via our Opportunity Zone Fund.
  • You can invest directly into the project with non-capital gains money.  

3-Investment Opportunities to choose from.


 We have  4-ways you can invest, one is an  Opportunity Zone Certified Investment Fund . The rest are direct investments


#1: New development of a Mobile Home Park. Read More 

#3 Warehouse Business Parks Read More

#4 Opportunity Zone Investment Fund. Tax advantaged investing. Read More.

Opportunity Zone Power Point Click Here

Investments appropriate for accredited investors.

Warehouse Business Parks


 Light industry Business Parks: Catering to the small business user is a real estate investment space that is quietly earning double digit returns for developers and investors. It is difficult for small businesses to find an affordable warehouse/storage-yard property from which to operate their business. We can offer new buildings, with more usable cubic space, with up to-date design and energy efficient utilities, at an attractive rental rate. Read More

 #3 Warehouse Business Parks Read More 

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Opportunity Zone Investing Tax Advantaged Investing


Visit Our Opportunity Zone Fund Web Site.  

This small, $12,000,000 Opportunity Zone Investment fund, invest in Mobile Home Park Developments, Light Industrial Business Parks developments and select Multi- Family Projects located in major growth areas in Texas. 

Go to our Opportunity Zone Fund 

Web Site

 #4 Opportunity Zone Investment Fund Read More   Tax Advantaged Investing


San Antonio Business Journal Interview Expert Panel Article. Down-load Article Here. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can we invest with IRA Funds?

A: Yes, this type of investment can be done using a self-directed IRA.  We can assist with finding a self-direct IRA custodian..

Q: Can I invest using a 1031 exchange?

A 1:  The answer is NO!  as the investment funds are currently structured. Please check with your tax adviser

Q: When do dividends start?

A: The preferred rate of return accrues to your account starting on the investment date. Payouts of preferred return and profits start after park is built and passes break even point. 

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Complete details of the projects are included in the Business plan, subscription agreement and PPM. Accredited investors may request documents, please complete the form on this page or Contact Jim Glasgow at  210-413-7230  or

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